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August 9, 2023 0 Comments

Hydrogen Immerges as An Effective Treatment For Cognitive Disorders Hydrogen Water is an Antioxidant and cup Prevents Brain Damage Molecular hydrogen (H2) can protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage by selectively reducing reactive oxygen species. Unlike other antioxidants, H2 has the unique capability of crossing cell membranes and targeting organelles such as the mitochondria …

International Youth Day

August 13, 2023 4 Comments

90 million youngsters don’t cast vote in elections but unfortunately, they are encouraging each other with great enthusiasm to vote for a contestant for a reality show. Now to them the reality show winner holds a comparatively more important place than their political leader and this is unfortunate for the society and our nation. In …


zindagi ka ehasas
August 3, 2023 0 Comments

मानता हूँ इंसान कुछ साथ नहीं लेकर जाता ,  मगर छोड़ कर तो जाता हैं|  एहसास,  याद,  तस्वीरें,  कितना कुछ पीछे रह जाता हैं|  ये एहसास उन चीज़ों में होता हैं,  जो वो इंसान अकसर इस्तेमाल करता था,  रोज़मर्रा के जीवन में|  आम सी वस्तु,  जिनकी हम कदर नहीं करते,  अकसर उन्हीं में जा बस्ता …


June 25, 2023 0 Comments

एक नन्ही आफ़रीन सी चिड़ियाँ, मेरे घर में बना रही है घर अपना, उसके जाये मेरे आँगन में खेलते है, उन्हें देख वो मुसल्सल उड़ती है, हस्ती है, मैं बंद कमरे के जंगलें से उन्हें देखता हूँ, तुझे याद करता हूँ, सोचता हूँ, हम भी ऐसे हंस सकते थे, उड़ सकते थे|

On the Banks Of Ganges

on the banks of ganges
June 25, 2023 0 Comments

Infinite sorrow gathers on one shore, something is over, something is about to begin, Between sorrow and hope, silence dissolves in the air, hides the noise inside, my atheist mind tells me at that time, here he is, On the banks of the Ganges, he is

I am YOU

i am you
June 25, 2023 0 Comments

Land Shiva, let me be aware of truth, For truth is all I seek, Bles me with information.. For success thrives on it, I will attain peace one day, For death is inevitable, As of today, choose me, For I stand strong, alone, aloof & erect  Oh Lord, choose me for the highest of the …

At a Coffee Shop

at a coffee shop
June 25, 2023 0 Comments

ONE DAY IN THE MIDWINTER Through THE cold And Serene breeze, At a coffee shop ONE day, I will be waiting for you, We WILL MEET AND we will talk about these days.


June 25, 2023 0 Comments

Rain wears down dust from Leaves, pains from my heart, Wind blows, I hear a severe sound of leaves moving, It is not quiet, it is peaceful, In peace, I smile, my heart rests.